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Abigail Young, Virtual Assistant for Writers

My name is Abigail.

A writer and word nerd, I’m the editor behind Stressless Edits. Besides writing and editing, I’m passionate about following Jesus, traveling Europe, and living an amazing story with the world’s best husband.

I look forward to working with you!

Editing for someone like you:

Stressless Edits - Helping Authors


writers who are changing the world through words

For Writers

Whether you choose to self-publish your book or go the traditional route, it’s important to examine every sentence with painstaking care and polish your writing to make it as professional as possible.

That’s why I’m here. I make your life easier by taking the burden of editing off your shoulders.

Stressless Edits and Entrepreneurs


professionals who realize that every detail matters

For Busy People

Every word you write (websites, blogs, advertising, documents, etc.) is part of your professional image.

If potential customers get a poor first impression from a simple spelling error, your image will suffer.

Don’t let a typo sabotage your credibility!

Stressless Edits Helping Designers


web and graphic designers creating something beautiful

For Creatives

You’re passionate about design, but sometimes the text you have to work with is—shall we say—in need of help.

You take care of the fun, artsy stuff and let me be the persnickety grammarian.

I make the text in your clients’ work as beautiful as your design.

What my clients say:

Websites by Aubrey
“Abigail is detailed and thorough. There is perfection in everything she puts her mind to…. She’s also an enjoyable person to work with.”
Aubrey Wood, Websites By Aubrey
“Quick turnaround on a tight deadline, reasonable pricing and enthusiastic work method. Would hire again.”
Jonathan Thomas, Anglotopia.net
“I’ve used Stressless Edits for a number of projects and have been pleased with both the quality of the work and her prompt service.”
Rod Rogers, Cleanup4Profits
“Working with Abigail is a pleasure. She is a clear communicator and she delivers on time, a winning combo!”
Megan Tucker, Blue Zoo Creative
“Abby’s editing contributions to my writing projects have helped take them to the highest professional level. I am extremely impressed by her abilities.”
Michael Stevens, Author
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